Friday, July 31, 2009

Soybean trend yields from the model

In the post below are the estimated annual yield growth for corn, so here are the numbers for soybeans. All results are expressed in bushels/acre/year from 1986-2008 estimation period, with condition variables and planting progress also used as explanatory variables.
AL 0.35 bu/ac/yr
AR 0.65
GA 0.56
IA 0.54
IL 0.49
IN 0.63
KS 0.39
KY 0.33
LA 0.60
MI 0.44
MN 0.25
MS 0.63
MO 0.49
NE 0.71
NC 0.20
PA 0.35
ND 0.40
OH 0.44
OK ~0
SC ~0
SD 0.40
TN 0.38
WI 0.73

I've found some historical performance graphs from previous years I'll post. I'll also post some old performance relative to USDA, of course USDA predicts out of sample while I'm comparing it to my in-sampe results.

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