Monday, July 27, 2009

New format for sharing results

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When this model was first constructed, based on work by John Kruse, the intent was to create a parsimonious model that could be quickly updated and give weekly estimates of crop yields and production for corn, soybeans and cotton. In the first few years I sent out the file to a small group of people and we occasionally engaged in some discussion of the results. Over time the model has grown some and so has the distribution list, to the point that I'm sharing it with about 3 dozen people and send it out under a blind carbon copy. This of course kills discussion of the results. The file size has also increased to 3mb and I'm concerned about clogging email inboxes. So,to improve file delivery and to spur a bit of discussion, I've created this blog. You can download the same spreadsheet in a link in my weekly posting. I would hope you would leave any comments about your thoughts on the estimates.

YOU CAN CHOOSE TO RESPOND ANONYMOUSLY AND DO NOT HAVE TO SIGN UP FOR ANY ACCOUNT. So you can leave your comments, positive or negative, and if you want to identify yourself, you can still submit it anonymously and include your name in the post. I may also find out if anybody actually looks at the numbers.

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