Monday, July 23, 2012

Only 2 errors on RIN calculation?

This isn't clear to me, my original calculation below may be fine as the RVO is on the mandates NOT the gaps.....

Text from EPA

To implement EISA’s restriction on
the life of credits and address the
rollover issue, the RFS1 final
rulemaking implemented a 20% cap on
the amount of an obligated party’s RVO
that can be met using previous-year
RINs. Thus each obligated party is
required to use current-year RINs to
meet at least 80% of its RVO, with a
maximum of 20% being derived from
previous-year RINs. Any previous-year
RINs that an obligated party may have
that are in excess of the 20% cap can be
traded to other obligated parties that
need them. If the previous-year RINs in
excess of the 20% cap are not used by
any obligated party for compliance, they
will thereafter cease to be valid for
compliance purposes.

Link to EPA rule making

Relevant Text

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