Thursday, August 11, 2011

USDA comparison

Graph comparisons are below the tables, here are the state by state comparisons with USDA estimates. I'm on the high side in corn, but so was most of the trade. The big (absolute) differences here seem to be in Iowa and Indiana where I'm significantly higher.

I'm spot on for soybeans well below the trade. For cotton, the difference appears to be Texas. I began this whole effort to try do a better job in cotton production. This will definitely be a year to include in the estimation period.

Note: Thinks are bad enough in Oklahoma for soybeans that it essentially wipes out production (yield wants to go negative!). This week, 87% of the crop was in poor or very poor condition so I've essentially dropped production out entirely. It isn't large enough to have a substantive effect on the total. 

Click on the table to get a larger view

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