Monday, September 14, 2009

Week24 Crop yield and Production Estimates

I've updated the USDA estimates from last week and added this weeks crop condition based yield and production estimates. With corn, USDA bumped up yield and production pretty substantially and I'm more than two bushels away on yield and a lower on production now. While there are state by state differences, there are a few comparisons that are worth mentioning. USDA is now higher than me in Iowa and Indiana. While my Illinois yield has risen substantially over the season, I'm still significantly below USDA. The opposite is true in Nebraska where I'm very substantially above USDA. Comments on the Nebraska crop are encouraged. For soybeans I continue to be above USDA in both yield and production. In cotton my yield is about spot on, but my production number is substantially higher. Again, while there are state to state differences, one can hang much of this on a difference in abandoned acres in Texas. I've received some comments on this issue but I'd sure like to hear what otheres think of my harvesting rate in Texas.

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