Tuesday, November 10, 2009

USDA markers

I added the USDA markers to my graphics. I'm in the unusual position of doing decently well in cotton and being farther off from USDA in corn and soybeans. This is not normally the case. USDA lowered corn yields, but I'm still quite far off, but they did break the trend of a big crop getting bigger. In soybeans they certainly moved it up and it was in the upper end of the range of trade estimates while I'm in the lower 1/2. For cotton, my abandonment percentage is different for Texas (and probably Arkansas) but the yield has been spot on this year, or at least it has followed the USDA estimates. I may get conditions next week, but I know some harvest decisions are being made and this is the latest we have had most of this info, so my numbers are unlikely to change. I'll continue to post if I have conditions, otherwise I'll look at the few votes on what crops to add and I'll get started on an additional crop or two for next season. I'll be looking forward to the January numbers as well.

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